Importance Of Team Leadership

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Ever since the beginning of the civilization of mankind, leadership always plays a significant role in the success of most organisations and corporations in a variety of fields such as military, economic, religion, etc. The Great Wall of China could not be done without a marvellous leading skill or even in such group games such as one conducted in Tutorial 2, the team activity of building a tower using only given material of a cup, papers and paper clips. Sounds simple but could be difficult to succeed without forming a proper teamwork. This essay is to give a closer insight of Leadership and Followership by studying about leadership, traits of leaders, and how leaders and followers contribute to the overall effectiveness of the team, using…show more content…
In this regard, the survival of the whole team lies on the teamwork of the team members, where teamwork is the cooperative effort in achieving a common goal. Teamwork, trust, cooperation and coordination are then achieved depending on its development, which involves five stages, namely, forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. In addition, the whole team works effectively and efficiently with the team leader at all costs. In this regard, the team leader is now described as being effective, with characteristics as having a clear understanding of the team objective, clear expectations of roles and responsibilities, and high degree of cooperation, collaboration and trust. Moreover, the team undergoes brainstorming and team building, which further develops the team through socialization and problem solving. As such, the time management skills of the team are being developed, making the team more effective in managing their time and resources efficiently. In the tower building activity, this process had been followed. All members were to give their own ideas of how to build a tall tower with strong stability, and then the leader would choose the most effective and efficient way. He could take the risk of combining all the good ideas, hence, create a new way to build the tower. Failure, of course would occur due to several barriers such as language as there were also international students, disagreement between team members and the pressure of time limit, but learning from their own mistakes and experience along with the determination, the team had successfully finished their tower, even though it was not the highest, knowing they had done their best, they still satisfied with the
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