The Importance Of Information Privacy

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United States Of America: The United States, interpretation of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution emphasize a " reasonable expectation of privacy" against government searches in the context of law enforcement, which translates in to a general policy preference of excluding publicly available information from protection1. Expressly states the right to privacy against the interference of the State, based on the laws in practice. In 1977 in Whalen v. Roe, the Supreme Court first recognized the right to information privacy2. It identified the the basic subsets of right to privacy, first being avoiding the disclosure of personal matters and another is independent important decisions made. But where there was a conflict between public interest…show more content…
Like the Privacy Act 1974, USA PATRIOT Act 2001, The Freedom of Information Act 1974, the Right to Financial Privacy Act 1978, The Electronic Communication Act of 1986 are exclusively and predominately about the treatment of information by the government. And with the recent scandal on NSA's widespread surveillance, there has been many changes in these laws by various states in improving their position. Which lead NSA loosing its authority to collect phone records through the development of the new bill USA Freedom Act, which stricter restrictions on surveillance6. On the other hand there are areas where sensitive personal information have separate Acts like in regards to corporation interference in individuals personal data, there are regulations by of FTC (Federal Trade Commission), they impose minimal data security measures. Also Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, regulates medical records and other information of 'identifiable persons' mentioned in the Act. The Fair Credit Reporting Act7 regulates the use of individual personal and financial information by consumer credit reporting agencies. It assures that information is accurate and complete, relevant to the purpose for which it is used, and upholds the individual’s right to privacy. In the market, of buying and selling the data, US has on of the largest companies selling information to direct marketers and the regulation that is imposed by them correlates with the First Principles which are notice, consent and accuracy. But this legal right doesn't allow individuals to compel Acxiom to reveal what personal information was sold8. Many of the scholars have

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