The Importance of Having Family Encouragement in Reading Essay

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Have you ever imagined not being able to look at a book, magazine or letter and understand exactly what it says? Have you ever wonder what it’s like to not be able to read? For some people reading is a very simple task to pick up but for others it can sometimes be very challenging. Families should take the time to help their children understand the text in a book. For example in Jessica Robles piece she states that “I’m starting at the bottom again, but with this latter I’m on, I hope I can achieve everything I need to know” (11). Some people just need the extra boost of confidence. Although some families don’t encourage their children to read, some families would argue that it is important because, it gives the child a higher self-esteem, boosts their ability to read better and gives them the will power to become and stay a strong reader, knowing someone supports them. Children who enter school in the United States today are required to hold a high reputation in reading. A child entering school, not knowing how to read just isn’t an option anymore. Teachers expect their students to know how to read but some kids just don’t know how. Teaching your child to read will raise their self-esteem, because they can do what every other child is doing. Children need encouragement in reading to succeed their goals. Confidence is a key point when it comes to younger children. Encouraging your child to strive to be something better in life will follow them into their adolescent years and further. Although some kids don’t learn how to read at home or can’t get the help they need, there is always people at the schools willing to help. Self-esteem can be built by pushing them, helping them to understand or even by making them read on a daily basis. Encouraging your child to read will boost their ability to read and understand text. When a child reads it opens their minds to

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