The Importance Of Gun Control In Schools

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Gun control is a long disputed topic, and many people have their own opinions on what is right and wrong. This should be made possible; it would help with security, and peoples’ sense of safety. Many students are scared of roaming campus, whether at dawn or dusk because of the fact that crime rates are higher on campus, more than anywhere else in the state most likely. Some would go against this because of the recent shootings, or the infamous school shootings of the past. That being said, guns should be allowed in the hands of the right people with the right background checks. If a student would like to have a weapon, they should of course have purchased one, registered it, and the colleges take them through a background check to see if…show more content…
Communities nearby would also quarrel over this event. If guns were allowed, and shots were fired, could that affect us? Would the bullet go astray and hit one of my children or myself? Anti-violence groups will not like the idea that something that is so "violent" would be carried by students, and it promotes violence and sends out the wrong message. This would greatly affect the debate and outcome of the argument whether firearms should be allowed or not on campus. I believe that the people that want guns available on campus would gain the most in this argument. Even though the other parties have evidence to go against it, the pro-gun advocates can easily tie in the recent school shootings into their appeal for gun access on college campuses. Then the group that would lose the most I would say are the communities and anti-violence groups. They would still try to argue their side, but most likely not…show more content…
Since colleges have no mechanism to enforce gun-free zones, these killers had a government guarantee that their victims would be unarmed and defenseless. According to the FBI, crime on campus is rising; Worse yet, experts tell us campus crime is underreported. Colleges can't keep criminals from being armed because criminals never ask permission. But rather than considering that criminals fear armed victims more than signs, colleges peddle imaginary problems as an excuse not to implement real solutions. Now with legislators in 12 states considering "campus carry" legislation, critics are baselessly insisting campus violence will escalate. The reality is that 71 campuses in three states already allow licensed concealed carry on campus, and have done so for years without a single resulting incident. Maybe that's because campus carry would apply only to licensed citizens who have undergone background checks, testing and training, and who already safely and responsibly carry everywhere else, in compliance with laws that now exist in 48 states. Since colleges can't protect us, they shouldn't be allowed to penalize those who want to protect themselves. It's time to stop pretending colleges are above the

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