The Importance Of Gentrification

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Gentrification is a term used to identify the movement of the wealthy class into areas that are occupied by the poor. When this movement takes place essentially the prices of the local residential and business complexes began to rise. This concept causes the initial way of life of the poor to dissipate and formulate a way of life that is designed for the middle class and working class families. There are a variety of factors that contribute to gentrification such as taxes increase, the change of economic culture, and the increasing developmental attributes of young professionals. Gentrification takes place in many areas and can affect many people through the affected community. Essentially this form of movement normally occurs in low income neighborhoods where people don’t have the means to develop and maintain their place of residency. As a result of this lack of development many promising young men and women many who grew up in the community see the possibilities that the cities could produce which they embrace full heartedly. Unfortunately as a result of this change many people may lose their jobs, homes, and complete way of living because there either too poor to take part in the change or they refuse to change creating a realm of by standards.…show more content…
Just like gentrification when this occur many people are displaced from their homes and business that might have been own by generations in order for developers to build greater developments. Urban Sprawls and gentrification may cause positive and negative affects however it is important for developers to assess all areas of the community’s that they wish to expand in order to delay or prevent permanent damages to a person’s
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