The Importance Of Friendship In A Separate Peace By John Knowles

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Friendship, in all its complexity, is an appropriate theme for this novel. Friendship is about depending on another person or having someone to confine to, or people seeking each other out to fill gaps they feel inside themselves. In the novel A Separate Peace, friendship plays an important role in Gene’s stay at Devon. Gene’s relationships with Finny, Brinker, and Leper are the ones that had the most significant impact on him. The friendship between Gene and Finny was extremely complex. At some points, you think that they are best friends, like when Gene and Finny had just jumped from the tree, and Finny stated, “It’s just you and me pal.” Other times it seemed as though they were not friends. One example was when Gene blew up at Finny when…show more content…
His clear memory, after fifteen years, of the events that took place with these friends, showed how much these boys not only meant to him then, but also how much they shaped the man he had become. There were not many occasions when they show much friendship toward one another. When Finny finally realized that Gene betrayed him, he began to run and he fell down a flight of stairs and broke his leg again. This probably gave Gene insight into what war really was all about. When Gene went he realized that Leper was Away With Out Leave and the war had caused him to go insane. Leper’s enlistment made the concept of the war easier for Gene to cope with. The friendship between Gene and Leper was probably the least significant relationship for Gene of all. Brinker was jealous over the quick bonding between Gene and Finny, so Brinker looked for a way to revenge Gene by having a trial and forcing Finny to see that Gene really did cause him to fall. Leper gained the respect of Gene and the others, when he enlisted with the ski troopers. Gene received a letter from Leper telling him to come and visit him because he had
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