The Importance of Feedback

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Everyone expects inspiration and progression within their service provision - only possible when they obtain comments or feedback from service users Families Colleagues Manager all other professionals Constantly required to give feedback, both to colleagues and to service users. Seek from colleagues and service users and their families. Reflect on your own experiences of getting feedback, and what makes it possible to ‘hear’ or not. Why it is important to obtain feedback? Understand you all work hard and provide a good service. Know that your hard work and dedication is meeting people’s expectation following organisation’s policies and procedures? By obtaining feedback from others. List of the importance of obtaining feedback are: •People want their work to be appreciated •People need encouragement and want to be praised for the good job what they have done. •Feedback helps to identify learning and development needs. •It is necessary for professional development. •Without feedback, it is impossible for people to learn how to be more effective in their jobs •Positive, non-judgmental feedback is both instructive and empowering. Feedback comes from other people in many different forms, both verbal and non-verbal. Receive feedback from others about our behaviour our skills our values the way we relate to others about our very identity. Feedback is central to the process of reflection. Constructive feedback = essential to improve and increase the effectiveness of the service. Helps social care worker to adhere in learning and developing new skills. How people can react on constructive feedback or criticism : React : • People may react defensively. •They may counterattack. •They may flee or become emotional. •They may reluctantly accept the reprimand and promise to improve. •They may

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