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The Importance Of Education In Our Society Essay

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  • on February 15, 2012
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Below is an essay on "The Importance Of Education In Our Society" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In our society today, there is a huge emphasis on obtaining a greater education. It has brought a routine life style causing us to chase higher education. We do this in order to get a job that offers enough money to stabilize our families. Many companies will require a degree even if you have the experience for it, because college education proves to them that you have acquired necessary knowledge for that career field. Therefore, college is a must. In an essay published in May in The University Has No Clothes, writer Daniel B. Smith discussed about the value of higher education. He wrote, “College is an investment-an expenditure on which one can expect high future returns” (5). I see college as the first stepping stone to developing necessary skills toward the aspiration we pursue. College to me plays a vital role in achieving personal growth, social skills, and social recognition by our fellow peers.
            First, there are numerous benefits students acquire from college; such as learning personal responsibility. Students are never given freedom of thought when they are attending high school, because teachers and parents monitor their each movement direct them when to go. If a student did not have their classes registered, then a counselor will bring it up to their attention. That is why the difference between delinquents and model students has become so great. However, college students are free to make their own choices, and they receive consequences from their actions. If a student did not register classes, a counselor will not tell them to register for classes. If a student does not do their homework, they will receive a bad grade. Though some professors will try to help the students to pass the class, it will still jeopardize the grade if the student shows a lack of effort. This is when students that did not keep up with their high school life begin to learn that efforts have to be made in order to succeed. Students learn to take initiative, which is...

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