The Importance Of Education In Education

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For many years, our education system has produced notable scholars from top public institutions. It is widely accepted that the best and brightest Indonesians gain admission to these schools, but what is your definition of the best and brightest? Are they those individuals with the highest national exam or state university entrance test scores? Those with the highest intelligence quotient (IQ) scores? The most important investment we can make as a country is in our people. Empowered citizens will naturally take better paths and education is one way to empower a person. There are two sides to education in general — the academics and the non-academics. Without both, students are less equipped to make informed, thoughtful decisions and pursue their leadership ambitions. In Indonesia, character foundation has cost us a lot. Corruption has become…show more content…
We cannot rely on law enforcement alone to change this behavior. After all, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), police, Attorney General’s Office, Supreme Court and correctional institutes only bring justice to criminals for misconduct that has already taken place. Education needs to spearhead the effort on the prevention front. We already have Pancasila, morality and religion taught in schools; so how else can we teach people not to be corrupt? We need to show our children examples of corruption and what is considered unacceptable behavior. However, we cannot simply conduct teaching in classrooms. We must get our children involved in the community through outreach and volunteering that affects people and the environment. When these children face the dilemma of accepting a bribe later in life, they are not going to remember the theories presented in a classroom. They will remember those people they volunteered for and the communal environment they worked to preserve. Community awareness reinforces one’s conscience and this is what we need to instill in our

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