The Importance of Early Childhood Education

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Campus Life Many students expect their life, on their own, to be paradise. Living free of their parent’s reign, students move into dormitories [a resident hall providing rooms for individuals or for groups usually without private baths(Merrium-Webster)]. Life without curfews and many "house" rules would seem to be a student’s first taste of being an adult. Living in the dorms is the biggest hardship and challenge for most freshman students in transition from home to college life not to mention the life of living on campus period. The living conditions, roommates’ situations, and campus life are most of the difficulties one might face as a freshman in the dorms. Since there are many students that live in the dorms throughout the year, the school cannot possibly afford to make each dormitory into a holiday inn suite. Some dorms do not even have air conditioning, which makes it hard for a student during the really hot days of the year. For example, I myself lived in a non-air-conditioned dormitory my freshman year and it was so hot in the room you would want to take cold showers just so you wouldn’t have to break a sweat when you got back to the room, it was a very uncomfortable situation. The heat and humidity during | | | Not only are the rooms small and stuffy, one must share it with another (in some cases). Having a roommate is also a potential hardship. Ruth once stated, "what all do you have to adapt to Noise, Late hours, so-so food, social pressures, academic pressures, nudity, drugs, alcohol, constant interruptions, playful mayhem," in short exactly what you"tmd expect from living in a building full of people who are similar to you in so many ways"(Dorm Life 101). Campus Police do more then just cramp your partying life. Through experience, the actual size of the freezer can hold seven hot pockets. Green Hallfor example, the room is 10'3"(w)

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