The Importance of Customer Service Essay

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Customer Service Relations June 9, 2013 The Importance of Customer Service Recently airline travel has come under a lot of scrutiny for their lack of service and certain changes made in the industry. Over the past ten years there have been some changes to airline travel that have really made customers upset. The one that seems to make people the most upset is the new baggage fee. There is now a fee for people who have checked baggage. The result of this is that people have more carry-on luggage in the cabin. This makes for a more crowed overhead storage area. Another change is that all tickets are paperless. With paperless tickets, a lot of ticket counters are now non-existent. Lastly, a change that everyone has noticed is that security has increased. After the terrorist attacks security has been raised to insane levels. Metal detectors and recently pat downs have become the norm at security gates. People feel violated and end up spending more time at the airport before their flight. The attitudes of the customers have changed in the airline industry internally and externally. The internal customers, who are the airline employees, are more stressed from the influx of travelers and the extra security measures. Because of the stress that they endure, they tend to not have the best customer service. Travelers have also changed their attitudes. They are also stressed before they even arrive at the airport. Now the normal time to arrive at the airport is two hours early. That much time is needed to ensure check-in and making it through the security gate. After that is completed, the traveler plays the waiting game. They wait for their flight to board in the terminal, and then they wait on the plane for it to taxi to the runway before takeoff. While on the plane, they sit in a cramped space and now hardly get an option for a beverage. Once the plane lands,
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