The Importance Of Communication In Kristen Thomson's I Claudia

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Featuring a preteen in the midst of a divorce, Kristen Thomson’s “I Claudia” reveals the viewpoint of children who are in many cases neglected during separation. The play begins in a boiler room with Claudia scrutinizing her own reflection; already suggesting trouble in the protagonist’s life (4). As the story progresses, Claudia’s negligent parents are shown to be the cause of her emotional turmoil. Furthermore, various inanimate objects such as an electrical box, stolen sock, two goldfishes, and a full-length mirror stand out with a common trait of thematic and dramatic significance in regards to Claudia’s crisis. The many interactions between Claudia and various props dramatize her thoughts and anguish, thus playing a central…show more content…
Though the thought of harming her parents reels Claudia from confronting them, the role of initiating intimate communication lies with the parents, which is why Claudia’s parents have failed her. As a result of their failure, the interactions between Claudia, the electrical box, and the stolen socks reveals the combined stress of anguish and lack of communication. Soon after David’s remarriage, the subsequent death of Romeo and Juliet gives insight to Claudia’s thoughts. Several nuances in the play demonstrate that within Claudia’s thoughts, her parents are symbolised by her goldfishes. The most obvious nuance is the naming of her goldfishes after a male and female from a love story (6). Having two fishes of opposite sex signifies Claudia’s desire for love to be found between them, similar to the yearning of her parent’s reconciliation. Unfortunately, with David moving to Brantford, the timing of Romeo and Juliet’s death after the wedding ceremony also symbolises the unrecoverable status of the relationship between Claudia’s parents. Additionally, Douglas’ reference of David and Cynthia being “just like Romeo and Juliet” further reinforces the idea of a strong connection between

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