The Importance Of Communication In Digital Communication

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Chapter I. Introduction Background of the Study Over the years, the Internet has changed the way people work, learn, play and communicate (Barnes 2003, 3). Among all the modifications it brought about to human life, the Internet has remarkably changed human interactions and communication styles. Its development has enabled the intimate interconnection between face-to-face communication and Computer-Mediated Communication or CMC, two modes of interaction which were once treated as distinct and separate from each other (Edwards et al. 2013, 3). Now, people can engage in direct interactions with one another despite differences in time and place through the use of digital communication technologies that are usually powered by the Internet – including e-mailing, blogging, and social networking (Ibid., 2). As a result, majority of the human population these days is considered to exist in both physical and virtual spaces. Human interaction in the virtual space becomes more and more similar to real-life interaction through various advancements in digital communication technologies. Contrary to the initial belief that digital communication technologies would only allow text-based communication, interpersonal communication in the virtual space now involves verbal as well as nonverbal features of…show more content…
Emojis are pictographs-images of things such as facial expressions, holiday symbols, activities, or animals (Skiba 2016, 56-57). In this day and age, they are usually utilized in various social networking websites. One specific social networking website that employs and encourages the use of emojis as expressive indicators of emotions is Facebook or FB. The leading social network has long been famous for its trademark “Like” button yet recently, it is generally commended for its newest features: the Facebook
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