The Importance Of Communication In Business Communication

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When it comes to business communication it is extremely important to make sure that your colleagues are Competent in being able to complete projects on time and being able to be successful in the business world. When it comes to working in teams then you need to make sure that all the teammates are able to work together and care about stepping on the other team mates toes so to speak. If you can not appear to be caring then it really says a lot about your credibility inside the company. If you have character but you are not competent or caring then you really have an issue with being credible. (Cardon P.W. 2018) When you are working in a business environment you really have to be very credible or else the company you are working for will fail…show more content…
This one scene had Olivia Benson trying to get a rape victim to come forward and have him charged with the rape at first the victim was hesitant because she was afraid that the rapist would retaliate against her but Olivia Benson gave the victim a hug and a reassuring smile to let her know that she was and would continue to be safe while helping SVU catching and convicting her rapist so that she would never have to live in fear again. (Cardon, P. W 2018) When it comes to the non verbal communication in this scene when Benson hugged the victim and smiled it let the victim know that Benson was there and was going to prevent her rapist from ever harming her again. Benson also uses non verbal communications with her colleagues when she just looks at them and grabs her coat they all know to follow suit and be ready to go get a subject that has been accused for a crime . Most of the nonverbal communications that we exhibit in our social lives is not something that we need to exhibit in our business lives due to the fact that some of our movements from our social relationships may cause us to be accused of sexual harassment in our business lives. We have to have two different sets of non verbal communication in our lives one for out side of work and one set for inside the workplace.( Cardon, P. W.

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