The Importance Of Censorship In The United States

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Censorship in the United States has grown immensely throughout the twentieth century. The government and the FCC have begun to take control over radio and television broadcasts. This increase in censorship has commenced to deprive people of the first amendment and something must be done. Censorship should be lessened and people should be able to exercise Freedom of Speech. Censorship is making terrestrial radio monotonous and it is driving many national figures to satellite radio for freedom. Howard Stern is just one of the major people who have left regular radio for satellite radio. Censorship on regular cable television is also expanding to become a problem with airing shows and many people have resort to extra cable packages such as HBO. Censorship is a violation of ones rights and it should be lessened on both radio and television. It is vital that people in the United States should continually to protect free speech. As expressed by the American Civil Liberties Union, “Freedom of expression…is ‘the matrix the indispensable condition of nearly every other form of freedom.’ Without it, other fundamental rights…would wither and die” (Nakaya 20). Freedom of expression is the foundations of a person’s self-fulfillment. The right to express one’s thoughts and to communicate freely…show more content…
by making radio stations that are not liberated by the F.C.C.. They call these broadcasters pirate radio, but the broadcasters themselves call this radio without regulation liberation radio. These radio broadcasters claim the right of free speech supersedes the F.C.C.’s right to regulate the radio waves. The F.C.C. is a regulatory commission that answers to no one and broadcasters are not even aloud to talk about them on the radio. With the F.C.C. being independent and as reclusive as they are, they should not be aloud to censor radio waves especially to the point where they take away freedom of speech. (Seigenthales
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