The Importance Of Belonging In Poetry

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Belonging, by definition is an individuals innate need for connection . A sense of belonging and not belonging can emerge from the connections made with people, places and the external world. To convey these connections poets use themes of belonging and not belonging. The Collection of poems immigrant chronicles in particular 10 Mary St exploring the composer coming home of a family, settling into suburban life , Though in order to effectively convey belonging one must also consider the implications of not belonging , enraptured through Migrant hostel , the recount of the 2 years the composer and his family resided in this hostel before they where allowed entry into a life of freedom in Australia . Migrant hostel is the environment where the family spent 2 years in their transient from Poland to Australia. One may say People assist in the search of belonging as feeling a sense of acceptance and affiliation which assists individuals to feel a sense…show more content…
Serving traditional foods for guest from their home country conveys that they have not lost a sense of self still belonging to Germany. The strong admiration the persona has for the house describing it to be china blue with paint guaranteed, conveys the permanence and security felt. The personification of the garden describing to be alike an adopted child signifies the personal touches placed on their new home to make it feel like it belongs to them. The father nurturing the garden in turn is nurtured by the garden in regards to a young peter being able to ravage through them it a bird. This home gives security to all the lives making them residents instead of migrants It is human instinct to want to feel a sense of acceptance and affiliation with peers and to places which an individual and individual would not appreciate belonging this is evident conveyed clearly through 10 Mary ST and Migrant
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