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Felix Eggenburg The Importance of being Earnest Character Description: Dr. Chasuble: Dr Chasuble is the reverend and he wants to baptiste Algernon and Jack. He has a crush on Miss Prism. He is wondering why two grown up men want to get baptised on the same name. He lives in the country because everybody knows everybody there and he gets more money. Gwendolin: Gwendolen also known as Miss Fairfax, is the daughter of Lady Bracknell and Algernon's cousin She is living together with her mother in the city. One of her attributes is that she is very arrogant. You can see this when Gwendolin and Cecily meet each other the first time. It is quite obviaus that Gwendolen is simmilar to her mother because Lady Bracknell is also very snobish and selfconfident. In the story Gwendolen only leaves a man whose name is Earnest. She says that in this name good vibrations are and she feels such a nice harmony when she hears this name. After Jack, Algernon's brother comes as Ernest, she falls totally in love with him. At the end Miss Fairfax finds out that his right name is Jack. At first she is very angry because she feels herself betrayed, but at least Gwendolen forgives Jack and they stay togheter until their life end. Critical Statement: In my opinion, "The Importance of Being Earnest" is one of the most wittiest and well written plays I have read so far for two reasons. First, it's the brilliance and style of Wilde's writing that facinated me. The plot, even if you don't think about it were deeply , is funny and intelligently composed; leading to a rather unexpected ending the characters are differentiated- and what I particullary liked about this point was that this applies to every person in the play, not only two or three, which is often the case in some plays or books. But the real highlights are the dialoogues, which are
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