The Importance Of Attachment In The Development Of Children

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As an infant, we form our first relationship as an attachment with our caretaker. The development of the caretaker-to-infant bond is, in many ways, essential to the infant's survival and influences all later attachments and our overall emotional and social development. Infant’s experiences are critical to shaping the capacity to form intimate and emotionally healthy relationships. Empathy, caring, sharing, inhibition of aggression, capacity to love, and many other characteristics of a healthy, happy, and productive person are related to the core attachment capabilities formed during infancy and early childhood. Attachment is important because children need to have a sense of security in all aspects of their lives so that they can grow up to be healthy and productive adults. It is essential that society has an understanding of attachment in order to improve them. In our society, attachment draws attention to the mother as the primary caretaker. Attachment involves a relationship between a child and a primary caregiver. The opportunity for men to enjoy secure attachment relationships with their young children is available. Unfortunately social expectations about the roles of men and women and employment practices tend to limit the extent to which this opportunity is taken up. Many children are born into a diverse range of family structures and these structures may change during the course of childhood. Difficult decisions have to be made when parents separate. An understanding of attachment and its significance for children can provide guidelines for these decision-making processes. When families are in serious difficulty social workers may become involved. An understanding of attachment is crucial. Attachment is relevant to both the assessment of at-risk situations and in terms of children in care. Secure attachment provides protection during periods of high stress.

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