The Importance of Atp Essay

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Carlie The Importance of ATP Channels - active transport - concentration gradient - sodium potassium pumps Muscle contraction - myosin Contraction of spindle fibres Contraction of cardiac muscles Cell division– during DNA synthesis Synthesised in mitochondria via glycolysis - eukaryotic cells Plants make ATP - photosynthesis - light-dependent and independent Movement of flagella Active transport - Pyruvate into mitochondria matrix Living organisms need energy to live, reproduce and move. This energy is used in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). One way which ATP can be generated is in photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the absorption of light energy from the sun which generates ATP through a series of stages. As electrons move down the electron transport chain from photosystem II they lose energy. This energy is used to transport protons into the thylakoid and produces a proton gradient. Due to the proton gradient, protons move down their concentration gradient into the stroma via ATP Synthase. The energy produced from the protons joins ADP + Pi to form ATP. If ATP wasn't produced by the proton gradient then the light-independent reaction wouldn't be able to function as it has to use ATP to convert GP into TP, and furthermore couldn't produce a large amount of ATP. Because of this the light-independent reaction uses the products made by the light-dependent reaction and occurs next. As a result the light-independent reaction, the Calvin cycle, uses ATP in the reduction of GP to triode phosphate. Without this use of ATP triose phosphate wouldn't be converted into useful organic compounds e.g. Glucose which is then used in respiration. After this the Calvin cycle turns six times and requires 18 ATP from the light dependent reaction to make on Hexose sugar. This might seem inefficient but it keeps the cycle going and makes sure there's

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