The Importance of Accountability Essay

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The Importance of Accountability The Importance of Accountability Accountability is the approach that uses procedures and processes by which a party takes responsibility for its actions (Emanuel, 1996). The actions may either be positive or negative. The idea of accountability in the health care industry consists of three main parts: the location of the accountability, the domains of the accountability, and the procedures of the accountability (Emanuel, 1996). The first part of accountability or location of accountability refers to which party is to be held accountable for the actions. The second part or the domain of the accountability refers to what activity must be held accountable to the party. For example, competence, misconduct, legal, and ethical issues are domains to be held accountable for. The third part of accountability which is the procedures of accountability refers to the procedures both formal and informal. Accountability is important in every industry, however accountability is necessary in the health care industry to ensure the highest quality of care is given to patients. This paper will address why accountability is so important in the health care industry. This paper will also address how an employee’s accountability is measured in the health care industry, how the accountability applies to ethical considerations in leadership and management, what does a checks-and-balances process look like in a successful organization, how does accountability affect an organization’s working culture, and finally how can one maintain a positive working culture and avoid a working culture of blame. When a patient visits a physician he or she expects the highest quality health care. The patient expects the staff to properly bill insurance claims free from fraud and charge the correct price for health care services. The
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