The Importance of a Computer to College Students

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Technology has become more advanced and played a major role in our daily lives. Today, an invention such as the computer appears in almost every home and has become an essential tool in the school system. A computer is necessary for college students for three reasons: taking notes, doing research, typing and submitting assignments. First of all, a computer is necessary for students for taking notes in class. Not every student has good handwriting so typed notes are a better option because they are much clearer and easier to read. In college, professors tend to talk exceptionally fast during lectures in order to cover all the important points. Therefore, using a computer rather than handwriting will help students to take notes faster and keep up with the professor. In addition to taking notes, a computer is widely used to type assignments and submitting them. In college, most professors require students to hand in typed papers. Typing will not only make students’ essays look neat and organized but also help them avoid low grades due to bad handwriting. Computers also have useful software, which reminds students to correct punctuation, spelling and grammar mistakes. With the help of the Internet, computers can be a convenient tool in submitting papers, especially in last minute before the deadline. Last but not least, doing research is the most significant function of a computer. As a college student, the knowledge received in class may not be enough for assignments and term papers. Therefore, students need to do research in order to enrich their knowledge and have a better understanding of the topic. Rather than spending hours reading through aisles of books in the library, students can save a great deal of time simply by using a computer and search engines such as Google or Bing, which can direct them to relevant information in

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