The Importance of a College Education Essay

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Joey Egy 1-31-2013 ENG102-20417 Final Draft- Opinion Paper Education is Power At some point we ask ourselves, why is a college education so important? But the answer is obvious, attending college presents opportunities that some of us don't yet realize. And those opportunities can range from a higher position and better salaries to much, much more. Many of us have jobs and put off going to college because of high tuition cost. Paying for college is like buying a new car, but the importance of what an education can do for you, can be quite rewarding in today’s economy. Why should you go to College? Some older generations may think that attending college is foolish. You might have heard that if you want to have a good job all you have to do is work from the bottom up in a company. But with a college education you'll have the experience to go above and beyond. A college education gives you an edge in the job market over those who have not gained a higher education. Attending college allows you to make connections so when you are on your job search you will have resources to find that job you've always wanted. Having a degree with a respected, accredited institution often provides advancements opportunities like higher positions, higher salaries and long term careers. Attending an institution stimulates encouragement to think globally, not locally, while exploring new ideas. While some think college is all about studying and receiving good grades, It is also about the friends and the people you'll meet throughout your journey through college Paying for college is hard if you are unaware of your options. One option to pay for college is scholarships. Our community knows how important is to receive a college education, which is why organizations offer scholarships to those who are in financial need. Another option is through the federal government. The most
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