The Impeachment Of The Watergate Scandal

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Business Ethics is a great importance to our economy. Conducting well behaved ethical professional practice is what keeps our economy work much more efficiently, and providing good quality and Prices being at their lowest. The accounting Institute for Management Accountants (IMA) statement of Ethical professional practices the General Guidelines for ethical behavior which consists of first; Maintaining a high level of professional competence and second; To treat sensitive matter with confidentiality and third; To maintain personal integrity and fourth; to disclose information in a credible fashion. Let’s take the Watergate Scandal that accrued on June 19, 1972. This grand scandal caused convictions, distrust and the impeachment of Present Nixon. This was all caused by following proper guidelines but taking them into an inappropriate approach. All members has a responsibility to perform professional duties in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and technical standards, also provide decisions to support information and recommendations that are…show more content…
Everyone in society of the involvement of the Watergate Scandal just wanted to be reassured that this was all false claims but it was all too late. The ethical standard were broken and used improperly. White House Aid Alexander Butterfeild revealed secret taping system that recorded phone conversations. White house refused to release such private evidence out. President Nixon claimed it would discredit lots of individuals. On June 23, 1972 Nixon release all tape conversation. On those tapes it was revealed that the trustworthiness of the President and the individuals in office had failed all ethical behavior. On August 8, 1974 Nixon announced his

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