The Impacts of Tourism in Thailand Essay

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Contents 1. About Thailand 2 2. Environmental impacts of Thailand 2 2.1 introduction……………………………………………………………………………………2 3. The economic impacts of tourism 5 4. The socio-cultural impacts of Thailand 8 4.1 Introduction 8 5. Tourism Planning & Sustainability 10 Bibliography 12 THAILAND “The land of smile” 1. About Thailand Thailand is a country that people either love or hate, and regardless of which, nobody leaves without an opinion. Many of the people we know have either never gone on holidays to Thailand, or they have gone at least twice. As research shown, people usually choose Thailand as their destination because of 4 reasons. The Beach, The Easiness, The Food and The Prices. Thailand, you will have a good range of options to choose for getting around the city such as BTS sky train to public buses, tuk-tuk, taxi and even coach. Compared to many of its neighboring countries, Thailand has wide range of street stalls everywhere, makes it super easy to grab a cheap snack or meal. Thai food is internationally famous, whether chilli-hot or comparatively bland, harmony is the guiding principle behind each dish. The cheap prices is one of the main reasons why Thailand has become a good base for digital nomads, where you can live cheaply and have more money left over to spend on building up your company. This made Bangkok a place well known for its cheap Shopping. People from all over the world travels to Bangkok not just for the food and culture, they travel to Bangkok for retail therapy as well. Figure 1 Floating market in Bangkok, Thailand 2. Environmental impacts of Thailand 3.1 Introduction Tourism-environment relationships are complex. Thailand economics’ growth based on tourism industries has a very large impact on environment. (peter mason, 2009) The environment in Thailand is certainly not in a

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