The Impacts Of The Development In The Measurement Of Speed

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A speedometer is a device in all vehicles that shows the driver what speed the vehicle is travelling at. The speedometer indicates the speed of the moving vehicle by giving readings in kilometres per hour or miles per hour. A speedometer works in accordance with the acceleration and break pedals. When you step on the acceleration pedal, the motor is moved by a ticker which causes the belt to turn. This then pushes the wheels forward and the speedometers pointer rotates further towards the right as the car accelerates and the wheels move faster. The speed shown on the speedometer is calculated by a mechanical recorder and the speed measured is instantaneous speed. The developments in the measurement of speed have had both positive and negative impacts on society. The use of speed measuring devices such as the police radar and police laser gun has resulted in a much needed cut down on the dangerous speeders on the roads. Due to this, studies and statistics show that the number of deaths and accidents caused by speeding has reduced with the new developments and improvements in technology. This has made the roads safer and drivers and passengers feel more comfortable in their vehicles. The use of such devices has also impacted negatively on society. The use of laser guns and police radars although beneficial and needed to prevent accidents and deaths has also sparked a debate in society. This is because many people who are clocked for speeding feel that they were in fact travelling within the speed limit and argue that the devices and their own speedometers are inaccurate. These claims have been proven correct which has caused complications with the police, drivers and the courts. Also, due to the advancement in technology, many people have tried to escape their illegal actions by using other technological developments to prevent discovery. This comes in the form

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