The Impact Of World Events On The Romantic Age

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A short overview of world events during the Romantic period of literature, which ran from 1798 to 1832. Most notable among these events were the American and French revolutions, and the writings of William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge were also considered rebellious. These works, however, influenced many authors and artists in the forming of the Romantic age. ________________________________________ The Romantic Age was a time period of literature that occurred during the years of 1798 - 1832. In this essay I will cover the events that happened during this time and the changes literature went through. Even though the American colonies won their independence before this time period it still had lasting effects in the countries of Europe. Seeing that freedom can be obtained the French Revolution began on July 14, 1789. It all started when a group of French citizens attacked a Paris prison for political prisoners. After, the revolutionaries put limits of power on their king and began a new government. France became a constitutional monarchy. These events where felt all over Europe especially by the nobility and ruling families. They were threatened by the potential of losing their powers of government. In the years that followed France declared war on Britain beginning a series of wars that lasted twenty-two years. This created fear in the people effectively crushing all hope for reform in British society. William Pitt leader of the Tory government outlawed all talks of parliament out side of the parliament halls. All liberal- minded Briton had no social outlet for their hopes and dream in politics. Most of which turned to the arts and literature as their only outlet. The beginnings of the Romantic change in literature can be traced to when William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor collaborated in publishing Lyrical Ballads. The romantic poets were considered
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