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The Impact of the Northern Ireland Welfare State Essay

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  • on April 15, 2014
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What was the impact of the introduction of the welfare state in Northern Ireland during the 1950s?

The introduction of the Welfare State to Northern Ireland in the 1950s had an impact on all levels of the North’s society. The introduction brought about reform in health, education and social welfare. Prime Minister, Lord Brookeborough gave control on the levels of taxation within Northern Ireland to the British government. The trade was more than worth it Brookeborough as the reform made a great impact on all areas.   The offer of third level education to most was far greater. While the health care system was greatly improved also.   However, the improvements in housing, although impressive caused many problems between Catholics and Protestants.   Gerrymanderring was put into effect in order to affect voting on local councils. Tensions and resentment grew between Catholics and Protestants during the 1950’s in reaction to the reforms. It was clear that the implementation of the Welfare State would have impacts in Northern Ireland during the 1950s. (8/12)

The NHS, the National Health Service was put in place by the British. It guaranteed free medical care to all its patients and made a huge impact on health within the country. However the Mater Hospital in Belfast was an exception as it decided against taking part in the new health reforms. This meant that many Catholics would have to make donations to their hospital which was run by nuns. This meant that they were paying in taxes for the health service that Protestants received while also paying for the Mater. This led to much resentment from Catholics towards Protestants. However, the majority of the reforms in health were a success and the general level of health was greatly improved. The new service was of far greater standard to that in the South of Ireland. (8/12)

The reforms in education gave far greater chance to all involved. An Education Bill in 1947 meant that primary schools, secondary schools and...

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