The Impact of the Internet on International Marketing

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The Impact of the Internet on international marketing: a case of UK firms In recent years, there has been an outburst of business activity, at an international level, on the World Wide Web. This explosion has had a huge impact on the study as well as practice of international marketing (Hamill). The internet and international marketing is an interesting topic as it presents an essentially different environment in which international marketing can be successfully practiced. Consequently, there is need to develop new models to contain the globalization processes in this electronic age. In the UK, the Internet has become an exceedingly important part of international marketing and has greatly influenced the policies surrounding international marketing processes. The internet presents a low cost “gateway” to international markets for both small and medium-sized businesses in the UK. A research conducted by Roger Bennett (Bennett) on 148 UK businesses indicated that a number of export barriers are less problematic for firms that employ internet sites for international marketing. Some export barriers that emerged include; physical distance, trade restrictions, practical export problems, market risk and resource constraints. Without a doubt, the Internet has brought in new prospects for international marketers in the UK. Marketers are able to reach a greater number of prospective clients, develop new innovative products, and create new values to clients. The possibility of reaching online advertising with ease is one of the most notable advantages of internet marketing (Subhash). Whereas UK firms were only able to reach thousands of customers using traditional advertising methods, internet advertising has enabled them to reach millions of prospective clients at minimal costs. Although the internet plays a huge role in advancing international
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