The Impact of Technology on the Individual Essay

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Impacts of Technology on the Individual Technology is moving at a fast rate and new problems are therefore starting to arise because technology that never existed 25 years ago, even 10 years ago, now does. In all cases the individual has been impacted by technology and always will be. Technology is a massive part of people’s everyday life and continually will increasingly impact all individuals as time goes on. Gene profiling was only ever heard of in Sci-Fi movies but now it is reality and laws that never existed now have to be legislated. Copyright is a word that was usually only associated with lawyers, people in the music industry and writers, but that has changed with the internet now existing; copyright is something all individuals have to consider. These were not issues 25 years ago but now they are and action such as law reform has to be taken to solve them. Genetic Profiling Genetic profiling as was said is something that was only ever heard of in Sci-Fi movies but now has become reality. Genetic Profiling is the procedure of analyzing peoples DNA by either liquid or body tissue for the purpose of identification. This new technology raises many issues such as gene discrimination and intruding peoples privacy. This technology not only allows people’s DNA to be recorded for parental identification but also can be used to discrimination against individuals; for example, to determine access to health or life insurance. If this was used in employment it could create potential for more discrimination. Testing has already started in the workplace, many employers use testing as part of their recruitment process. These tests are usually only physical and psychological tests to determine fitness and mental demands. For example a case X v Commonwealth (1999) 200 CLR 177, the high court made a ruling relating to a soldier that if a soldier tested positive for AIDS
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