The Impact of Technology Essay

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------------------------------------------------- The impact of technology Communication Studies 225 July 18, 2014 Prof. mark Smith Communication Studies 225 Technology has played a major role in the evolution of electronic and digital media. With information literally at the fingertips of anyone with a device and an internet connection, media is consumed by the masses like never before. Consumers have recently been able to receive up-to-the-minute news and communicate almost instantly with anyone in the world. Organizations are able to build communities worldwide through connections made through social media; these connections are used to create more awareness and to gain supporters. Businesses and corporations are able to grow exponentially by connecting with investors and consumers around the world. All of this has come to fruition because of the evolution of electronic and digital media. In many instances, the role of digital and electronic media is an important one. The call for political change and democracy in places such as North America and the Middle East have relied on using digital and electronic media to communicate with other political activists to fight for social and political change. Social media has been used to create awareness and stir up support around the world. However, in 2011 the government in those areas banned social media, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter which led to an uproar. Activist groups were not able to fully communicate with the world outside of their communities; however, they were able to use cellular devices to organize protests and other gatherings to fight for political and social change. According to “The Role of Digital Media” by Muzammil Hussain, “Digital media became the tool that allowed social movements to reach once-unachievable goals, even as authoritarian forces moved with a dismaying speed of their

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