The Impact of Technology Essay

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The Impact of Technology Technology has a great impact on a student daily life. Technology supplies many needs for the student to face in their academic year. Without the help of technology students may have faced many harsh obstacles in their study time. Since they have to depend highly on technology, they depend a little on their knowledge. Technology has a very important role on a student life. Students don’t realize the many ways that technology affects them daily. Such as social media, helps students to connect with each other. This makes them more aware with what their taking in class, and to ask for help for something they took. This function makes the students much more social. The internet on the other hand is storage of information that the student uses to know more about in their life, and essential for students to read some interesting articles in the internet. Using laptops or any other technological device is much tidier and organized than books, because books are much heavier than devices, devices store much more information than books. Technology is beneficial for all students to include in their academic study. Technology is very essential in a student’s life. Such as in Google, it helps students to Look up nearly anything in life. Including articles, and videos that help students with their daily research. Technology helps us with our homework, and projects. The internet provides us with a lot of rich information that eases our learning, unlike students in the past that had a much difficult learning since they highly depended on their own knowledge; they had to use to look up books in libraries to get information from. Now students with a simple push of a button can know more about anything they want. So technology can teach us a lot, and help us in our daily life. To conclude students

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