The Impact Of Social Networking Essay

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Today, Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, Twitter and etc. is an example of the social networking sites that has been flooding over our lives that is full with information technology being accessed at ease. This new social life on the web has arisen and now it has become a trend regardless of age and race. Across the globe, everyone connected in one place, neglecting the time they need to be active so that they can be connected with each other. Social Networking is defined as a web-based service that let individuals to construct a public profile and be connected with one another, sharing interest and thus sharing information that useful in the field of education, sports, entertainment and so much more. The rapid acceptance of social network sites by people and in many countries around the world raises some important questions. Why do they form a group on these sites? What are they expressing on them? How do these sites fit into their lives? What are they learning from their participation? This essay will discuss the implication of social networking sites toward the society of youth development in today’s life in the scope of education and learning something new. While particular systems may come and go, how an individual connect through social network sites today provides a better insight into identity formation, status negotiation, and faster information sharing. Many think that social networking sites could distract youth’s time from doing any other activities like reading books, playing, sports and helping housework. Media are a ubiquitous influence in youth development, with 8-18 year old U.S. youth investing approximately 6.5 hours per day with media (Roberts et al., 2005, p. 228). Whereas, a large survey of college students from several universities in the Midwest U.S. found that 91% of respondents is a user of (Wiley & Sisson, 2006, p.
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