The Impact Of Science Fiction On Historical And Mo

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The Impact of Science Fiction on Historical and Modern Literature The genre of science fiction arose out of modern man’s search for answers to the problems of life through the medium of science. In the period known as the Enlightenment, many exciting discoveries in the natural sciences informed people about the qualities of the earth, and the laws of nature, and this encouraged writers to imagine other worlds where things might be different than they are on this planet. In the twentieth century this resulted in a fascination with space and space travel, and science fiction grew in popularity. Progress in fields like psychology and sociology produced also many theories about human nature, and the genre of fantasy, which rests on older myths and legends, arose to explore dimensions of the human psyche. Both genres continue to be popular at the start of the twenty first century, although mainstream and traditional literature is regarded by some as more worthwhile, simply because of its longer and more respected tradition. This paper analyses the impact of Science Fiction on historical and Modern Literature by looking at five writers in the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre. Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950) is one of the first and best known writers of science fiction. He was an accomplished writer of novels and stories, notably having invented the character of Tarzan and producing a series of works on this subject. His stories about Mars and Venus opened the eyes of the public to a whole new dimension of story telling, in which brave heroes like the character John Carter venture out into the far reaches of space to meet whatever they find there with curiosity and courage. Some critics see this line of storytelling as a reflection of the early history of America, in which white settlers sought out the distant frontiers and killed the Indians whom they
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