The Impact of Perceived Office Politics on Selected Employee Performance Essay

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Preshan Narsimulu Organisational behaviour and leadership Assignment 1 Option A – Research Paper TOPIC: The impact of perceived office politics on selected employee performance Contents Executive Summary 4 Provide a short definition of the concept “office politics” as proposed by existing scientific literature. 5 Why is it important to take note of this phenomenon? Motivate the relevance of studying this phenomenon in a workplace context briefly. 5 What is the nature of the relationship between a) office politics and b) job stress, burnout and turnaround intent? Substantiate your view by referring to existing scientific research findings. 6 Can you identify any mediating and /or moderating variables in the literature that may influence, facilitate or alter the relationship between 4.3a and 4.3b? (Consider, for example, whether the performance of individuals who experience a high level of work engagement /need satisfaction / commitment /other work attitudes are less affected by perceived office politics than those who are not fully engaged in their jobs?) 6 What can managers do to minimize the negative impact of office politics in the workplace? Provide scientifically sound recommendations based on previous research findings. 7 Bibliography 9 Executive Summary Marilyn Haight (Haight, 2013) defines office politics as, “the use of one's individual or assigned power within an employing organisation for the purpose of obtaining advantages beyond one's legitimate authority. Those advantages may include access to tangible assets, or intangible benefits such as status or pseudo-authority that influences the behavior of others”. She goes on to mention the people most likely to engage in office politics are managers and their direct reports at the expense of making them bad managers. Office politics may or may not have

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