The Impact of Motivation Essay

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Contents TITLE 2 INTRODUCTION 3 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY 3 AIM 4 RESEARCH QUESTION 4 RESEARCH OBJECTIVES 4 LITERATURE REVIEW 4 METHODOLOGY AND DATACOLLECTION 5 POPULATION AND SAMPLING 6 DATA ANALYSIS METHODS 6 PARTICIPANTS IN THE STUDY 7 STUDY PERIOD (GANTT CHART) 8 STUDY RESOURCES 10 REFERENCES 10 BIBLIOGRAPHY 11 APPENDICES: 12 * The Impact of Motivation through Incentives for a better Performance - Adaaran Meedhupparu Maldives Ahmed Anwar Athifa Ibrahim (Academic Supervisor) Applied Research Project to the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Studies The Maldives National University * Introduction As it is clear, staff motivation is important in all sectors especially in the tourism sector where we require high skilled employees to get the best of their output in order to reach the organizational goals. Therefore, organizations spend a lot on their staff motivation in terms of different incentive approaches, such as financial benefits, training, development, appreciations, rewards and promotions. As mentioned in the title, the outline of the findings will be focused in motivation of the staffs by improving their performances through different incentive packages that they receive at the resort. This study will be executed at Adaaran Meedhupparu by giving questionnaire to staff working in different departments to fill up and return to the scholar to examine the current situation of staff satisfaction on motivation to do their best to increase the efficiency and productivity. * Background of the Study It has been proven that the staffs are a vital part of an organization and it is utmost important that the resources need to be utilized fully to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. Today most of the tourism industry pioneers and experts believe that the staffs should be motivated through
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