The impact of Mass Media on society

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THE IMPACT OF MASS MEDIA ON SOCIETY Chichen Veronica Table of Contents Argument 3 Chapter 1: GENERAL/ THEORETIC CONSIDERATIONS ON MEDIA 1.1 Origin: 1921 5 1.2 The meaning of mass media and the role it has in people’s life 7 1.3 History of the most important medium: Television 9 Chapter 2: THE SOCIAL IMPACT OF TELEVISION 2.1 Sets up false images of reality 12 2.2 Undermines moral standards 14 2.3 Positive aspects of the medium 16 Chapter 3: EFFECTS OF MEDIA VIOLENCE THROUGH TELEVISION 3.1 Mass Media Brainwashing 19 3.2 Sociology of mass media 22 Conclusions 25 Bibliography 26 Annexes Argument My subject will be “The impact of mass media on society” and I will try to define it as well as I can in order to be understood by the readers. From the research I have made, to finish the paper work ,I consider that media play an important role in our lives and influence us in our choices and things we value in life. We definitely live in an informational society, large groups of people receive information and store it. There are many opinions about the mass media of communications served as a vehicle for rational discussion featuring the range of political and cultural perspective. I will make a brief description of what readers will find in the next chapters about media. There are two different kinds of media: written and non-written. Written media consists of newspapers and magazines. Newspapers , come out daily. They inform us of everyday news and are the best way of finding out information in society. They inform us in many different aspects including the business world, sports, crime, and many other things. Local
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