The Impact of Interest Groups on the Formulation and Implementation of Us Foreign Policy Essay

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A Davies Module Code 6HS001 Title of Module America: The Rise of a Superpower, 1890-1945 ASSIGNMENT 1 Word Count 2395 Use the Library of Congress Chronicling America website to compare and contrast the reaction of the American press to the outbreak of the Spanish-American War. Your examples must include newspapers from New York, District of Columbia, Minnesota, San Francisco and Texas. What do the newspaper articles tell us about the American attitude toward imperialism? Introduction On 25 April, 1898 the U.S. (U.S.) declared war on Spain and that war ended on 10 December 1898 with the signing of the Treaty of Paris. The (less than 8 month) war resulted in the gain of several overseas possessions for the U.S. and more or less sounded the death knell for the Spanish Empire, the beginning of the (external) U.S. Empire and much political handwringing in America! This essay will explore the question of how the works of the American Press impacted on the road to this war and their influence over U.S. citizens’ attitude to the outbreak of the war. It will do this by reviewing the Newspapers of the day across the U.S. and the (later) writings of historians and other reliable sources. There are a number of recognised strands and perceptions to address but the essay will posit that the American Press and especially the so called Yellow Press did not ‘drive the country’ to war and subsequent imperialism but were a contributing factor by influencing public opinion and the resultant patriotic participation. The U.S. Press and Their Influence on the Spanish American War The war that erupted in 1898 between the U.S. and Spain was preceded by three years of fighting by Cuban revolutionaries to gain independence from Spanish colonial rule. From 1895–1898, the violent conflict in Cuba captured the attention of Americans because of the economic and political instability

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