The Impact of Hrm Essay

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The Impact of HRM Deborah Sterling BUS/210 July 18, 2015 Latrice Lumpkin The Impact of HRM To improve the management of human resources within the company it is important to look at all areas; pay benefits, labor relations, recruitment and selection, training and development, and performance appraisal and feedback. The performance appraisals is one of the selections chosen; how this helps the company’s performance overall. As stated in the post, meeting with the employee and making them an active part of the process is key and by delivering regular, relevant job feedback. When the manager and employee work together this will help the company to achieve better performance from their employees; which will in turn align individual employee’s day-to-day actions with strategic business objectives. It will also help document individual performance to support compensation and career planning decisions. Equally important was the next selection pay and benefits. As stated in the post, this is essential to keeping employees happy and loyal. Offering a complete benefits package is something to improve. Let’s face it this is how they make their living, save for retirement and care for their family (stated in the post). By offering employee benefits, provides many paybacks to your company. The number one is staff retention. An attractive employee benefits package will help recruit good employees and retain them as well. Also, staff retention helps reduce turnover. These benefits will have different levels of value depending on staff age, sex, and many other factors. It will be beneficial for the company to talk to staff to determine which benefits are most rewarding. There are great benefits for any company when their employees are an active part of the
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