The Impact of Globalization on the Middle East Essay

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Running Head: Globalization and the Middle East The Imppact of Globalization on the Middle East Name Nagham Bark University Norwich University Abstract Globalization can be described as the increasing international integration of markets of goods, services and capital and the surrender by countries to control over the growing segments of their national economies as they adopt policies to facilitate this integration. However, this global economy also has impact on cultural and political phenomena that this global penetration entails. Globalization therefore in the economic aspect aims at promoting international trade which helps to improve both the local and foreign markets (Doumato & Posusney, 2003). Middle East economy includes countries with a common heritage at various stages of economic development and endowed with vast natural resources. Globalization has a double-standard effect on the Middle Eastern markets; although some developing countries benefited from foreign aids and open markets, the outcome of globalization served unevenly the big industrial economies. On the other hand, Asian market play today an efficient role in the global market and especially in the Middle East, and is prospected to maintain that grow and undertake the other markets like Europe and the United States what makes the competition tenser and urge the non Asian markets to redirect their economical policies in favor of the Middle East. Culturally, the impact of globalization stimulated negative reactions, especially in Muslim countries toward the West and specifically the so called "the biggest devil" or the Unites States. With the ultimate rejection of the Western culture on the Arabs side and the stereotyped Islam prejudice in the West, the gap is broadened what calls for a rescue plan to contain this clash of cultures. Therefore,

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