The Impact of Globalization on Our Culture Essay

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The Impact of Globalization on our Culture Marshall McLuhan was a Canadian communication theorist. As a philosopher, McLuhan's scholarly work forms one of the cornerstones of media theory. He is best known for coming with the expression, ‘The Global Village’ as well as ‘the media is the message’. ‘The Global Village’ is used today, to demonstrate how the globe has downsized into a village through technology, and the Internet. It shows how information being shared rapidly, within seconds, can transform the world, by bringing all forms of social, cultural and political functions together into one global village. Mcluhan’s concept has highlighted how globalization has influenced our culture. For many, the impact of global communications is the global village, because of the increased contact between cultures, identities and views across national boundaries. Global communications play an extremely important role in the cultural dimensions of globalization. The term refers to the use of new information communication technologies such as the Internet, mobile phones, e-mail, and satellite TV. These technologies are becoming cheaper and more widely available. The increasing ease and speed of global communication has both direct and indirect influences on cultural diversity. The conflicting trends between globalization and culture have caused arguments about whether globalization increases or reduces cultural diversity or homogenization. The impacts of globalization on culture have been largely viewed in a pessimistic light. Even tough people might be critical of globalization, as it has caused some problems for culture; the positive impacts of globalization ultimately outweigh the negatives. Globalization, far from destroying it, has been perhaps the most significant force in creating and proliferating cultural identity. Firstly, this essay will discuss the value

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