The Impact Of Gilded Age On American Society

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The importance of the Gilded Age has been well recognized within nineteenth century America, for the purpose of acknowledging industrial and technological developments. It is in this period that America attained most of its success stories in the field of modern and updated technological instruments. As the Gilded Age has been identified as a prominent phase of American society, from 1875 to the completion of 1900; this paper is analyzing its appropriateness and characteristic features. Under the articulations led by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner, the paper is also investigating the influential effects of Gilded Age over American society. The elements of paradoxes used by these authors are investigated in particular to bring the relevance…show more content…
The opportunities and industrial developments opened in new areas for enlarged commercial farming for national marketplace. This further inspired a great boom in the coal mining divisions along with steel production facilities. By the end of 1900, entire the US was concentrating over economic and industrial developments by means of adopting new technological supports. Tremendous increase has been marked in the adoption of mechanical apparatuses and equipments.The motto of Gilded Age was to obtain sophisticated means of production. These means are the process for collecting more products with less investment. As observed by Taylor (2007), the levels of efficiencies in every industrial sector can be increased by the use of right kinds of tools and technologies. The entire age was engaged in creating new technologies to increase the speed of productions in every industrial sector. These infrastructural developments added surplus wealth to all those individuals who are integral to this process of progression. There were people who were earning in abundance and were growing affluent with regular paces. Issues related to greed and corruptions are the core matter of content in the
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