The Impact of Colonialism on the Indigenous Societies in Africe

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The Impact of Colonialism on the Indigenous Societies in Africa The ascent of Imperialism Nowadays, it is indisputable that the European colonialism of 1880s -1900s has left a deep trance on many African countries. After the industrial revolution in Europe began in 1800s, cities in the current powerful European Empires started getting overcrowded. By the 1860s, there was lack of cheap labor and resources in cities like London. It was absolutely common that factories were employing children from poor families and did not care about the well-being of their workers. People were being constantly threatened by unsafe working conditions, long working hours, dirt, pollution, and infections. Government was finally forced to employ restrictions on businesses since people were questioning whether the businesses turned into completely self-regulatory money-making factories. However, since it was not possible for the employers to employ children as a cheap work force and had to provide care for the other workers, they tried to look for a solution elsewhere. Another problem was the fall of agriculture since almost all the work force moved to the industrial field. Thirdly, the lack of resources, or rather the high amount of expenses that had to be made in order to gain access to the resources created problems for manufacturers. The British and many other powerful European countries such as France, Germany, or Belgium were then tempted to find a solution in African countries. This is how the era of colonialism, or commonly called European Imperialism begun. According to the Oxford Dictionaries, imperialism is “a system in which one country controls other countries, often after defeating them in a war”. The effects of European imperialism on African countries are brutal. By the Europeans it was often called “The scramble for Africa” (Uganda Rising). Imperialism of course rose

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