The Impact of Cell Phone on Society Essay

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The Impact of Cell Phones on Society Nicholas A. Jordan COM/105 October 13, 2012 Kellie Toon The Impact of Cell Phones on Society Cell phone technology has gripped the world by surprise. It is hard to believe that 11 years ago text messaging really took off and became a cornerstone in communicating. While it is difficult to image that anything was accomplished during the B.C. era (Before Cell Phones), people all over the world could function without having to be attached to a cell phone. Today the function of cell phones has gone from being a mere communication device to being a personal computer, or in some cases, a personal assistant. Cell phone technology definitely has simplified the ability to communicate on the spot; however, what would it be like if Americans set their cell phones down for one day? Would anything get accomplished during that day or, would society come to a complete halt? How would people cope with being cut off from technology for 24 hours? “Although it has proven beneficial to society's advancement, cell phone technology has created a dependency among its users with many associated risks.” Cell phones allow society to stay in contact with the world at the push of a few buttons. Traveling in a pocket or purse is the user’s passport to the world, and a well of endless knowledge. Just a few key strokes a person can talk to family member in Connecticut, or send a picture to a coworker in Japan. The cell phone allows society to be in constant contact with each other at all times everywhere the user travels. Eighty-eight percent of adults own some kind of cell phone (Smith2011), and according to Lenhart and Madden(2009), 75% of 12-17 year-olds now own cell phones as well. This means that more than three quarter of Americans have the opportunity to pick up a cell phone and call, text, or even e-mail a person whenever they want. The

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