The Impact of Apple – Outline

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THE IMPACT OF APPLE – Outline 1. THE INTRODUCTION (4 - 5 sentences) Hook: “Apple’s shares rose 2.6%, making the company worth about $625 billion, the most valuable company of all time” (Lazarowitz, 2012, August 20). author, year Connecting Sentences: Thesis Statement: (topic + predictors/subtopics) Topic: the impact of Apple Subtopics/Predictors: 1. the computer 2. the telephone 3. the music industry Without a doubt, Apple has drastically impacted the computer, telephone, and music industry. 2. THE BODY A. Subtopic 1: the computer a) MacIntosh – first computer - lap tops – elegant, thin, light b) Software – graphics c) iPad – design - applications B. Subtopic 2: the telephone a) iPhone – Smart phone - design – elegant, touch screen b) impact on landlines – enormous drop in use; - change in lifestyle, and communication c) applications - camera, texting, the Internet, Google maps, video C. Subtopic 3: the music industry a) iPod – impact on CDs, tapes, etc; creation

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