The Impact Of 10,000 Turning 65 Essay

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The impact of 10,000 people turning 65 The impact of 10,000 people turning 65 every day appears to not be a cause for celebration. In fact, for the millions of baby boomers born in the wake of World War II, many are experiencing a difficult time especially for those who have been impacted by the recent economic situation. Some baby boomers have long since retired, while others plan to hold onto their jobs as long as possible. Many unemployed baby boomers affected by the recession are also looking for work to survive and/or supplement fixed incomes but find themselves competing with a much younger generation. Many retired baby boomers are looking to reenter the workforce because of the loss of retirement revenue caused by the economic crisis. Traditionally, retirement was supposed to be a time to travel, spend time with family, and perhaps volunteer for an organization or two. However, for many, that is no longer the case due to the fixed income that many rely on is no longer enough to sustain a comfortable cost of living. With the increasing cost of gas, food, and other necessities, many have to search for new employment to supplement their income; however, easier said than done. As mentioned, baby boomers are competing for the same jobs. Unfortunately, due to the demand of current positions, many of the baby boomers do not posses the level of education needed for the current demand. Additionally, baby boomers are competing against a generation that is willing to take-on unpaid internships for the experience in hopes of eventually becoming a paid employee. Most baby boomers cannot afford to work without pay and so to none sympathetic employers, it would most likely result in favoring unpaid work. For the 65 and older that are presently employed, thinking of retirement is no longer part of their near future because due to uncertainty, baby boomers may

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