The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks Summary

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Title: “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, the Sequel” Date: March 23, 2013 Author: Rebecca Skloot Source: Article Summary Henrietta Lacks was the women behind the cell HeLa. Henrietta’s cells had contributed to science a lot. Her cells help the scientist to create a lot of vaccines which had help lot of people. By using her cell the scientist discover the cancer medications, vitro fertilization, gene mapping, cloning, and polio vacations. She was poor black women who work in a tobacco farm and had five children. The scientist started using Henrietta children for research without their consent. After twenty years of Henrietta death her family came to know about HeLa and later the family had issues with their privacy. In the article there was a discussion about the ethnics in scientific field. The reporting of the DNA in many companies and then publishing it online with name can take the privacy and can affect that person in many ways. It is illegal to that. Henrietta’s granddaughter said that Henrietta’s information should not have published without the family consent. Some scientist agreed upon this. But a few scientist argued that the claim was wrong and they said that they could that interfere the descanters of Henrietta with HeLa genome. That was proved wrong as in internet the people can easily find the personal information…show more content…
It also explained that any how the anonymized will also be exposed. It also shows how using the HeLa effected Henrietta’s family. I think the writer well achieved the purpose of writing the article by sharing important details of ethics in science as she mention and said “But legally and ethically speaking, we’re not ready for it.” I think the writer ability to write is good as she compares and contrast the point of view of many scientists. She also uses a lot of supporting details which give a whole lot of
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