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The Immigration Debate Essay

  • Submitted by: joaomoro
  • on March 30, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Joao Paulo Moro
Professor James Norman
English 101
8 March 2013
The Immigration Debate
Today there are an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. Some think that all of them should be deported but there is a more realistic and beneficial solution for both, immigrant and government.
The current immigration policy clearly fails to resolve this in a timely manner. The current economy has an undeniable need for both, skilled and low-skilled labor. While skilled workers take years to obtain a working visa going through the red tape, the low-skilled workers have no chance, because there is no visa for people that mow lawns, flip burgers and clean houses. This system forces the immigrant to make difficult choices; to risk their lives in crossing the border illegally to take available jobs or remain home and unable to support their families. Others have to choose between staying here illegally or go back to their countries and wait for an undetermined period of time separated from their families that live in the U.S.
Thanks to the sense of entitlement of many native-born, businesses have a hard time finding people to fill the positions for low-skilled workers. I have encountered many business owners that say they would like to have more immigrants working because they are more productive, cost less and show up to work. Immigrants have a different frame of mind than native-born. The majority feel blessed in being in the greatest country of the world and are willing to take jobs that require physical strength and pay little. Also because of the labor of these workers, the cost of food, homes and goods have remained relatively low compared to other countries. Take agriculture as an example; by removing the skilled but undocumented work force, food prices will rise not only because pay would have to increase to hire legal workers but also since a lot of these positions would go unfilled, there would be a huge waste of fruits and...

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