The Illustrated Man Essay

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To what extent does the theme of technology affect the interpersonal relationships in Ray Bradbury’s, The Illustrated Man By: Abhijit Arun Session: May 2015 IB Candidate Number: 000953 - 0003 Colonel By Secondary School Word Count: 3507 Abstract Throughout his career, Ray Bradbury’s short stories were seen as some of the most outlandish and exaggerated science fiction stories available to be read. However, everyone admits that Bradbury was a literary genius. Closer examination of his stories tell us that he valued family and the close ties between ‘man’ as the most important aspects in life. He may have written about technology, however everything related to technology was all about the destruction, pain and chaos that it brings. The Illustrated Man, considered by some to Bradbury’s greatest short story collection, as some of his most famous works. An investigation into three of these stories, “The Veldt”, “The Rocket Man”, and “Marionettes, Inc.”, reveals the fear concerning our future and the dangers of technology from Bradbury’s perspective. By means of interesting intrigue, character development and overall theme development, Bradbury allows his thoughts and emotions to pervade his work allowing the reader to receive the fullest extent of Bradbury’s thinking. The lessons learned by means of death and destruction in the stories highlights Bradbury’s viewpoints on this subject and ultimately make it clear as to how technology, and more specifically the abuse of technology affect the interpersonal relationships between the characters in The Illustrated Man. Word Count: 205 Table of Contents Introduction 4 “The Veldt” 5 “The Rocket Man” 8 “Marionettes, Inc.” 11 Conclusion 15 Bibliography 16 Introduction Cellphones, laptops, cars, GPS, technological systems run rampant in our present day societies. Not only are they relied upon for

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