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Brittany Law The Iliad September 15, 2011 World Literature While The Iliad is considered by many to be one of the greatest works of literature ever composed, surprisingly little is known of its author. The poet known as “Homer” is shrouded in mystery. Until the eighteenth century, we found out Homer was a blind poet who told tales long ago in his day. The Iliad is known to be his first written poem. The story tells about Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world, which is married to Menelaus, who is prince of the Greeks. She was kidnapped by Paris, prince of the Trojans, and was taken to Troy, where she falls in love with him. This poem shows the length Menelaus will go to get Helen back for his own selfishness. When Menelaus found out about his wife leaving him from Paris, he was raging with anger. He went to his family brother Agamemnon, for help. He asked his brother to form an army of men to invade Troy and kill Paris. Agamemnon agreed to this invasion of Troy, since he has been trying to invade this town for so many years but he could not get past their great walls. Their great walls where very high and very strong, they were made of “many stones.” Troy also had a great army to back up the great wall when they were being attacked. Menelaus and his brother Agamemnon loaded up all their troops with 1,000 ships from Greece to Troy. Then, a massive war began between the Greeks and the Trojans on the plain in front of the walled city of Troy. This war would be known as The Trojan war later in History. The Greeks believed that the Trojan War lasted for ten years. That tenth year of the war tension rose very high between both armies, and the Greek’s were tired and frustrated of being away from home and without their family. Agamemnon was leading the Greeks all during the war. The Greeks had won a battle and were splitting up the stuff they

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