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The Identity Theft Problem Essay

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The Identity Theft Problem

The most recent and widespread crime is the cyber identity theft crime.   Almost every person in the world uses internet and the more information inputted into the computer the higher the chances of identity theft.   The impact on the victim can be overwhelming even catastrophic.   Law enforcement and judicial group’s worldwide consider that identity theft the crime of the new millennium.
The new and fantastic advances in technology in the way of cyber brake through has seemly secured a fast pace globalization movement allowing the toddler to the president even the unemployed to communicate. It has for the most part allowed the inaccessible now possible not only for society as a whole but in doing so granted extensive possibilities for the criminally driven.

Figure 1 Victimization by age
Figure 1 Victimization by age
For example, most everyone in one form uses sociel networking a study of different age goups found some not surprising facts. As shown in figure 1 it seems that Younger adults suffer greater exposure and fraud victimization through social networking.
These statistics just keep compounding with very little possible solid solution seen in the very near future.( PR Newswire 2014)
As the use of consumers’, personally identifiable information (PII) by businesses continues to evolve,
sensitive data is at risk of compromise.
This problem is not just a fade or new racket the FBI (2014) reported that Victims who had personal information used for fraudulent purposes were more likely than victims of existing account fraud to suffer financial, credit, relationship, and emotional problems.
As Mr. Mathews (2013) submitted in Florida Journal of International Law the present level of international cooperation along with...

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